Showpass is excited to announce a new partnership with Snak The Ripper for his upcoming Canadian Summer Tour.

Snak The Ripper will be implementing Showpass’ cutting-edge technology that allows artists to have direct control over their ticketing, fan engagement and customer data. Showpass has designed features like the mobile based Affiliate Sellers Network, direct SMS/texting campaigns, private concert pre-sales and the ability to purchase merchandise & products during the checkout process.  With only a few clicks, Showpass has given touring artists a stronger local presence by partnering with local ticket seller groups, retailers, press, radio stations, and more.

Ticketing management is critical for artists and their teams to control for a number of reasons. Artists can now prevent outrageous ticketing fees from being imposed on their fans. Immediate and direct access to fan data allows artists to better target relevant marketing. Also, tighter ticketing control enables artists like Snak The Ripper to generate more revenue on tour while lowering ticket fees for his fans.

“Showpass’ main goal is to increase awareness of shows. By involving the community, and giving them the ability to harmonize offline and online sales, awareness goes up, and unsold tickets go down. We’re so happy to have partners that share the same vision.” – Lucas McCarthy, Showpass CEO

The tour kicks off in early July and tickets for all dates are onsale now via Showpass

Digital tickets are available in retail stores including Foosh (Edmonton) and Grassroots (Calgary)

Contact our sales team at or request a live demo here

If you are interested in becoming a seller, or joining the Showpass affiliate network contact Jaclyn Voskoboinikov at